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A, HW OBS oil-based drilling fluid technology

The company more than three years of research and development and field application of indoor multi-wells, forming a unique, complete and perfect HW OBS oil-based drilling fluid system. Its performance indicators have reached similar foreign level, and has a wide range of adjustable density (0.9 g / cm3 ~ 2.85g / cm3), anti-temperature capability (up to 180 ℃), strong anti-pollution, stable performance, adjustable, site preparation process is simple, easy maintenance processing characteristics. HW OBS system mainly due to the low amount of treatment agent added, compared with the same system, the cost advantage is obvious. The system has shale gas wells in Sichuan, deep horizontal, Xinjiang strong water sensitive formations, low pressure gas condensate field, which has achieved wellbore stability, safe and smooth construction, a substantial increase in drilling efficiency, dramatically reducing the overall cost of drilling and other prominent effect for complex, unconventional oil and gas exploration and development to provide a highly efficient localization, low-cost techniques.


Two, HWJZ-1 environment-friendly high-density solid-free fluid technology

HWJZ-1 environment-friendly high-density solid-free fluid using a special organic and inorganic complex salt, use solubilization, dispersion, corrosion and other technical preparation. Mainly used for drilling, completion, workover, and testing and other operations, but also as a casing annulus pressure cleaning protection liquid and fluid balance. Can effectively reduce reservoir damage, ensure the normal operation of the well tool, balance annulus pressure, slowing oil casing corrosion. Compared with the conventional non-solid phase fluid, having a higher density (up to 1.82g / cm3), etching is smaller (at a temperature of 160 deg.] C, under a pressure of 10MPa conditions, the corrosion rate: JFE HP2-13Cr ≤ 60 days test period 0.076 mm / a, TP140 test cycle 30 days ≤0.125 mm / a), high temperature stability (temperature resistance up to 200 ℃), environmentally friendly (plant LC50≥2000mg / L, animal LC50≥800mg / L), and other advantages. The technology has been applied in the East China Sea, the Tarim, Sichuan (Shell) and other oil and gas regions.


Third, the temporary blocking gel technology

Gel technology is the use of temporary blocking gels high viscosity shear structure, block or quarantine the fluid passage, to seal sealing layer or layers implement temporary plugging oil and gas technology. The technology uses a gel main agents, crosslinking agents and breakers and other components, its gel viscosity: 20000 mPa.s ~ 60000mPa.s (40 ~ 110 ℃, 1.5s-1); gel time of 30 seconds to 180 sec; the highest resistance to pressure 25MPa; at 60 ℃ ~ 110 ℃ conditions, gel breaking time of 3 to 25 days, or by applying an adjustable breaker in a shorter time broken plastic. The temporary blocking gel technique may be used alone or with other high intensity blocking agent used in conjunction. During drilling, plugging and complex process, the process of combining the condensation of plugging, malignant solve complex leakage; during the completion and workover using tube gel slug, which can effectively temporarily separated reservoir and drain layer, be wells safe operation; in oil and gas well killing operations, as a pad fluid, preventing formation leakage; by adjusting the gel strength, do cementing fluid and solid-free drilling and completion fluid in the front and rear barrier fluid, prevent pollution and improve construction quality. The technology has been applied in the Tarim Oilfield.


Fourth, the complexity of plugging technology

High dehydration condensation may be plugging technology is mainly presented against malignant complex drilling fluid leakage loss of fractured back, holes as a result of new sealing technology. The technology uses a high dehydration condensation may be plugging agent, comprising: a rigid particulate material, fibrous material, sheet material and coalescence coagulated material. In the leakage path through the network, bridges, filling, rapid water loss (dehydration), the formation of clogging, clogging the formation of a high permeability, condensation by extrusion molding; blockage is formed, the passage becomes more subtle , variable leakage of fluid loss, and then through the mud cake formed in the jam, completely sealed passage to complete the whole process of plugging. Because of its material with coagulating properties, which have a certain consolidation of strength, but also has a similar cork-like deformable and not loose. It has a high success rate plugging, strong pressure and other notable features. The technology has been applied in the Tarim Oilfield.


Fifth, the casing by grinding chemical technology

Reach wells, highly deviated wells, horizontal wells and changes in curvature of deep drilling, casing often appears serious wear and tear, early damage problems, normal drilling and completion operations to bring great difficulties affect wellbore complete and reduce the life of oil and gas wells, can lead to serious portion of the borehole wells or entire wells scrapped. During the well casing by grinding, usually with a wear-resistant tool joints, the overall protective joint protection and split rotary joints, relieve casing wear, but these protective measures costly and complicated to operate, and can not be completely avoided casing wear If used improperly, even aggravate casing wear. Casing wear chemical technology in the drilling mud is added to the casing by grinding GXJM-1, on the surface of the tube with a layer of high strength, extreme pressure lubricant film formation, and drill wear matching technology to further reduce casing wear. The process in the site easy to use, simple maintenance, wear and friction reducing effect is obvious. GXJM-1 can be completely or partly replace drilling fluid lubricant can reduce the cost of lubricants, lubricating drag reduction effect is better. The technology has been in the Southwest Branch of Sinopec, Igawa drilling, CNOOC use. 1.43% was added in DY4 well casing friction modifiers, detected by the actual drilling, casing wear loss was reduced 45.9%. (See "Drilling & Production Technology", 2009, 32 (6): 94-97)